Bad situation

In every bad situation we need to give thanks to God because there are people in worse situation you can’t imagine, in every dead situation something positive lies around the corner. Everything works together for good to them that are in Christ Jesus, that’s a perfect example of every bad situation has something positive. Let’s learn something in every situation we find ourselves in.

You make a life out of what you have ,not what your missing, your mind is powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change. There was a time in my life I almost gave up, life was tough, i couldn’t pay rent or buy important needs, but kept on praying and and walked through the rough road, and now I thank God for everything.

Never give up, keeping pushing,keep going and at the end you will smile. No situation is permanent.

One Reply to “Bad situation”

  1. Very true. Somedays the best thing we can do is just show up. Because it’s better than giving up and we should always remember that nature produces the best things through excessive pressure, So is the same with humans

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